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Anthony S. Cipriano

Creator, Writer, Producer

Writer Anthony S. Cipriano, Bates Motel, Beasts of Burden, 12 and Holding
Beasts of Burden
Sun Valley

Neil Redman has just taken the job as the new warden at Tetherdown, the oldest juvenile reform center in the country. He replaces the former warden, who was killed in an ill-fated escape by a young inmate named Kevin Henessey. Except the other inmates claim Kevin hasn't escaped at all. They claim he's been living in the pigsty. They claim that he's already dead, and his ghost his haunting the halls of Tetherdowne. Based on the acclaimed short story of the same name from Clive Barker's Books of Blood: Volume One. 

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Sun Valley is an organized crime drama set in present day San Fernando Valley about a young man faced with following in his father’s path as a criminal, or carving out a future in the legit world.


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